Although dunlin current fate of our beaches is worrying, not his good spirit kept the massacres is not frustrating or desperate. During these massacres, everyone has the opportunity to do their best to beach dunlin one Hiiumaa feel fine. The island's summer idyll takes care of the soul, the sound for the right notes.

Until the beginning of the last century was the Baltic dunlin mail downright ordinary waders, whose population was estimated at 100-200 thousand pairs. The time has gone on, and I used the conservation status of the dunlin has become downright critical. Dunlin population has shrunk dramatically in the last decade, about twice. Currently it is estimated dunlin population around the Baltic Sea amounted to 600 breeding pairs, about one third of them live in Africa coast and moors. So the key areas to maintain a very local need.

Juniper and scrub controls the spread of semi-natural habitats, the restoration work is almost endless. Hiiumaal taken for the one already used for grazing in the area, and the fine-tuned the junipers and pines just removing niidurüdile fit.

As the bee and the work goes on holiday together, it will be for a number of trips talguseltskonnaga Hiiumaa põnevaimatesse places to learn about the island's natural pearls and cultural life. Four days and three nights during Hiiumaa talgulisele offers everything that the soul craves - a broad expanse of the sky, the blue horizon, enchanting scents and sounds. 

Talgujuhid Kaia Kadri Kask and Aller.

  • Voluntary work parties supported by the Environmental Investment Centre.

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Rüditalgud Käina bay
  • Talgutööd: Junipers and pine trees, chopping and cleaning of coastal meadow.
  • Ööbimine: Kassari community center floors. Bring your own sleeping bag and mat.
  • Toitlustus: Three times a day. Antiquities are preparing meals for yourself.
  • Kaasa võtta: Sleeping bag and mat, work clothes and suitable for closed shoes, warm change of clothes and swimwear.
  • Osavõtutasu: According to your possibilities 20 or 30 euros. Find out more. 
  • Hinna sees: Catering, accommodation, transport and on-site sauna.
  • Registreerumine lõpeb: The Group is reached, or at the latest two days before the voluntary work parties.
  • Kogunemine: Friday, 7 August afternoons Käinas (specifying the details registered for touch takes talgujuht). NB! Faster signal publishers can ride a bus from Tartu outgoing ELF.
  • Grupi suurus: 12
  • Vaata lisaks: ELF massacres  Rudi on the  page and Silja tunamulluseid photos from the same.