International camp in Matsalu National Park: Baltic dunlin

18. juuli - 21. juuli 2022

This camp will be carried out in English and the participants will be from various countries. The Baltic dunlin (Calidris alpina schinzii) is a subspecies of the dunlin. The population of these birds has decreased immensely in Estonia, partly as a consequence of an increased number of predators which inhabit the bushes and trees in the overgrown meadows. The Baltic dunlin relies on open coastal areas for feeding and breeding.

Coastal meadows are found in flat coastal areas, where they are occasionally flooded. The flora on these landscapes is low in height and requires mowing or grazing to ensure its persistence. A total of 390 plants species have been found on coastal meadows, including several protected species, such as the wild orchids. The most valuable bird species of coastal meadows are the waders, especially the Baltic dunlin, ruff, and curlew, to name a few. The volunteers will help to remove junipers and brushwood from an overgrown coastal meadows to improve the feeding and breeding opportunities of the Baltic dunlin and other waders.

The Matsalu National Park in West-Estonia is one of Europe’s most important stopover sites for waterfowl on their flightfrom the Arctic to Western Europe. It is a true paradise for bird watchers. The national park comprises the shallow Matsalu Bay, nearly 50 islands and islets, and the Väinameri sea surrounding them. The coastal meadows by Matsalu Bay, which are among the largest in Europe, are an important feeding place for migratory birds and a nesting site for some rare species.

It is possible to elongate Your stay and continue to Haanja I (July 21-24) and Haanja II (July 24-27)  camps.

This nature volunteering camp is funded by Environmental Investment Centre.
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