International camp: natterjack toads at Matsalu (Saastna)

19. juuli - 22. juuli 2021

The Matsalu National Park in West-Estonia is one of Europe’s most important stopover sites for waterfowl on their flight from the Arctic to Western Europe. In addition, Matsalu is one of the last refuges for the natterjack toad (Epidalea calamita). This amphibian used to be a common species in Estonian coastal meadows. Unfortunately, as traditional farming and agriculture have changed, many meadows are no longer used for cattle and the open landscapes gradually disappear.

The natterjack toad can be easily recognized by a bright yellow stripe on its back. The amphibian inhabits open meadows with temporary ponds for breeding and no high vegetation, as the toad cannot jump and cannot walk through a thick flora. The volunteers will be removing junipers and brushwood from an overgrown coastal meadow, thereby restoring an open landscape suitable for the toads.

The volunteers will have a chance to do some sightseeing or hiking in the local area in the evenings. There will be time for a sauna as well. This camp will be carried out in English, as there will be participants from Belgium and other European countries. On the last day of the camp, the international volunteers will move on to their next task in Haanja. If you would like to join that camp as well, please click here.

The volunteering camp is funded by Environmental Investment Centre (KIK).

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