International camp at Otepää Nature Park: Himalayan balsam

03. juuli - 06. juuli 2022

This camp will be carried out in English and the participants will be from various countries. The Himalayan balsam (Impatiens glandulifera) is a non-native invasive plant species that has spread to Estonian nature from the gardens. It spreads quickly and competes with the local flora for habitats, forcing the latter to disappear.

Luckily, the Himalayan balsam can be easily removed by plucking and this method has been proved effective over the years. ELF's volunteers started to pluck up the Himalayan balsam in Otepää last year and the work needs to be continued for several years.

Otepää Nature Park, the largest protected landscape in Estonia, is located on hilly uplands. One of the country's most picturesque lakes – Pühajärv, or Sacred lake in translation – is situated in the heart of the nature park. The small town of Otepää next to the lake has given its name to the protected area and is a popular skiing destination. The diverse landscapes in the nature park are
shaped by both human activity and natural processes.

It is possible to elongate Your stay and start with same work a couple of days earlier at Karula National Park, on July 1-3. If You participate in both camps, use the 10% discount code "SARITALGUD" in the registration sheet.

This nature volunteering camp is funded by Environmental Investment Centre.
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International camp at Karula National Park: Himalayan balsam ELFi talgute IX Suvekool Palupõhjas (täistaimetoiduga)